Mobile ramp

“Ideal mobile ramp! That 175 kilo can be placed on a one kg ramp is unbelievable, you have to feel it! ''

The minimum weight makes it of course easy to use. The ratio weight to load capacity is of all ramps the most impressive. But as mobile as he is, he can also be screwed to the surface. 

The mobile ramp has an extremely stiff non-slip surface that makes it impossible for slipping and creates a secure feeling. A practical ramp with a size of 40 x 80 cm. This is wide enough for wheelchairs but narrow enough to be feather light. Only the non-slip surfaces should be kept clean and dry to ensure safety.


Length 406 mm
Width 813 mm 
Maximum heigth 5 cm

Retail Price € 69,00  
(article number WARP001)

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