2MOBILITY is a supplier of exclusive mobility products. Our goal is to maintain and improve mobility in life and make a difference with better products. Our products are distinguished in weight, design, comfortness and convenience.

Lighter for daily use and transportation
Design creating trust and happiness
Comfortness with the highest quality
Convenience makes everything easier

2Mobility products

Our logo means; With a 2MOBILITY product the independence for the coming years will remain the same or even be increased. For the imagination the icon in our logo put a step forward and then our positive slogan: Let's Get Moving! On this way we stay active - with design and quality products - which is good for our health.

We deliver mobility products mainly with our own brand WHEELZAHEAD. This aren't standard products, there are enough standard products. We offer new benefits, we listen constantly to our customers and make the products even better. Our focus is innovation for excellent and unique mobility products.

During the Summer we launch 2 new unique mobility products!