FULL CARBON wheelchair

'' Never Thought such a beautiful and complete carbon wheelchair was possible. Ultra light, superb qualitty, practical and affordable! ''

With a transport weight of 3,4 kg (without wheels and pillow) makes the Full Carbon wheelchair easy for everyone. The wheelchair is much leighter to move around and everything is easier and takes less power. Transporting the wheelchair in the car is not a crime anymore.

It is no more that a Carbon wheelchair is completely 'priceless'. By this new generation of carbon wheelchairs is the difference between a wheelchair and a fully aluminum carbon wheelchair getting smaller and more interesting. This while the benefits, including stiffness and weight, are so great.

There's a lot of choise to order the Full Carbon wheelchair; the color of the frame, seat depth / height / width, the angle of the backrest and much more. For a - rightly - demanding user!


Length 87 cm
Heigth 80 cm
Width 60-70 cm
Width of seat 35-45 cm
Depth of seat 35-40 cm
Heigth of seat front 50 cm
Heigth of seat back 42 cm
Frame height 44 cm
Maximum user weight 100 kg
Total weight 6,5 kg
Transport weight 3,4 kg

Retail Price starts with € 4.750
(article number WACR001)

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